Academic Publications


  • Why Governments and Parties Manipulate Elections. 2013. Cambridge University Press. Series on the Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions





  • Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes. 2014. Coedited with Tom Ginsburg. Cambridge University Press. Series on Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy.


  • “When the (Facebook) Status and the (Socioeconomic) Status Went down to the Street: Communications, Political Involvement and the Climate of Opinion in the Summer 2011 Protest,” with Jacob Shamir and Yossi David, Megamot, 1 (July), 2017.

  • "Election Rigging," entry in SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior. 2017.

with L. Duquette-Rury, J.A. Hernández-Company, and J.F. Ibarra, Latin American Research Review, 51(1), 2016.

American Journal of Political Science, 59(1), 2015.

Journal of Politics 74:3, 2012. Supplementary materials.


Journal of Politics 74:2, 2012. Supplementary materials.

Political Opinion Quarterly 75:4, 2011. Supplementary materials.

  • "Unintended Consequences of Election Monitoring," refereed chapter.

In Election Fraud: Detecting and Deterring Electoral Manipulation, edited by Alvarez, Hall, and Hyde, Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution Press.

Research in Progress

  • "Online Political Information: Facebook Ads, Electorate Saturation, and Electoral Accountability in Mexico," with José Ramón Enríquez, Horacio Larreguy, and John Marshall.

  • "The Effect of Neighborhoods on Voting Behavior: Evidence from Mexico," with Frederico Finan and Enrique Seira.

  • "The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing: Lessons from the Mexican Carbon Tax Experience for the Mexican Cap-and-Trade System," with Juan Carlos Belausteguigoitia and Vidal Romero.

  • "Donating Time for Democracy: A Field Experimental Study on Citizen Provision of Political Public Goods," with Andrei Gomberg, Ulrike Malmendier, and Enrique Seira.

  • "Who Has a Use for the Law? A Theory of the Political Roots of the Rule of Law," with César Martinelli and Andrei Gomberg.

Media and Opinion



  • "No Choice," interview in Esquire Magazine, Russia, 2011 (in Russian).



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