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Academic Publications


  • Why Governments and Parties Manipulate Elections. 2013. Cambridge University Press. Series on the Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions





  • Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes. 2014. Coedited with Tom Ginsburg. Cambridge University Press. Series on Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy.


Research in Progress

  • The central role of social dynamics in nudging social norms for collective health: Evidence on mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic in Barranquilla, with Deborah Martinez, Ana Maria Rojas, and Carlos Scartascini (under review).

  • Donating Time for Democracy: A Field Experimental Study on Citizen Provision of Political Public Goods, with Andrei Gomberg, Ulrike Malmendier, and Enrique Seira.

  • Who Has a Use for the Law? A Theory of the Political Roots of the Rule of Law, with César Martinelli and Andrei Gomberg.

Media and Opinion



  • "No Choice," interview in Esquire Magazine, Russia, 2011 (in Russian).



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